How to get your skin ready for spring

Spring is almost around the corner, and if you simply can’t wait for it to finally arrive – welcome to the club, you certainly aren’t the only one! Everyone can agree that spring is one of the most beautiful and magical seasons, so keep on reading if you want to prepare your skin in the […]

How to get your skin ready for spring

Use SPF even on cloudy days Don’t rely on your foundation or moisturizer to provide you with SPF. It is NOT enough! You should use a physical 42 SPF for an extra barrier under your make up at all times. Be clean Clean your make up brushes on a weekly basis to remove dirt and grime! Clean brushes are the vital ingredient to pristine skin. Dirty make up brushes are not doing any favours to your clean skin the bacteria can cause breakouts. H20 Drinking water can help combat several skin issues such as eczema and spots. Improve your complexion for healthy glowing skin and makes the dermal fillers last longer! Mist Carry a mist in your bag to spritz your skin to keep hydrated and fresh throughout the day. Time to shed layers Time to exfoliate your skin to shed any dead skin cells to leave your skin fresh and dewy. Treat your skin It’s the perfect timing to come to the clinic to nourish your skin with treatments such as Profhilo or The Elixir! It’s all about hydration after those long winter months. Protection It’s all about protect your skin from the sunshine who (thankfully) is coming out again: a combination of vitamin C plus SPF is key. You can reduce your retinol use if planning any sun exposure.




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