Sun Damage

Who is Anti-pigmentation Peel treatment for?

Anti-pigmentation peel to help clients suffering from pigmentation caused by sun damage, hormonal factors such as pregnancy pigmentation, and Melasma. Pigmentation peel is suitable for clients who need a deep treatment to help reduce dark spots and even skin tone.


Anti-pigmentation peel uses mandelic and phytic acids to work together to brighten skin and create an even skin tone. This treatment is suitable for all skin types however it’s recommended to come in for a free consultation prior to the treatment to assess and prep the skin prior to your treatment. 


The treatment can take around an hour to complete. Afterwards, you can get back to normal right away however we recommend that your skin will benefit from not having make-up applied until the next day to support the restorative process.

Natural Beauty

How long will the Anti-pigmentation peel take?

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What is an Anti-pigmentation Peel?

Pigmentation / Acne is one of the most common concerns we treat – it often presents itself as discolouration on the skin and is most commonly the result of sun damage or hormone changes (Melasma).

It can be difficult to know what to do as pigmentation can be challenging to disguise and very difficult to treat.

Our Anti-Pigmentation Peel has been designed specifically with this condition in mind and works by accelerating our skin’s natural rejuvenation process, deeply exfoliating the skin, penetrating the damaged surface layers and encouraging them to shed revealing a lighter, brighter, more even complexion.

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Words From Our Fabulous Clients

"My friend and I both had the treatments today and were so impressed by how tailored our experiences were to our skin types. The facial was so relaxing and my skin looks instantly better and more hydrated. Galina did a skin assessment for both of us before and I feel so much better understanding my skin better and what it needs. Such good value for money. Will definitely be coming back."


"Honestly Galina was very welcoming friendly and talented. She knew what she was doing and the salon by it self was very clean. Everything was very professional and relaxing. I would recommend this salon to anyone who wants the best for their self😊. Once again thank you so much can’t wait to have more PRP sessions with Beauty Queen in future and obviously if I need other treatments."



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