Dark Undereye Circles

What is Tear Trough treatment?

Our advanced Tear Trough treatment is a highly effective solution to under eye dark circles as well as eyes that appear sunken and tired-looking.

Dermal fillers are used to replace volume lost in the area commonly known as the ‘eye bags’ whilst working to revitalize and thicken the skin, therefore reducing dark circles at the same time by injecting hyaluronic acid filler which is found in the skin naturally to help plump the fine lines giving it a firmer, brighter and more youthful look.

Our Doctor injector highly skilled in this procedure and can target the sensitive area with clear precision, resulting in a complete refresh of the eye area. Immediate results can be seen after your treatment, slight bruising may occur but it varies from person to person.

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What happens during the treatment?

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The skin will be thoroughly cleaned and numbing cream will be applied if necessary. Our Injector will then gently inject the dermal filler into the target areas.

You will see an instant, visible result with this treatment. The area may be slightly bruised and tender however this will go down after 24-48 hours. Results will continue to progress over a two-week period.

Who is Tear Trough treatment for?

As we age, the skin between the eyes and cheek begins to sunk and darken due to age and loss of elasticity. Tear Trough Fillers is for clients who are suffering from dark under-eye circles with a sunken dipped under the eye caused by saggy skin under the eye which causes the appearance of a tired look. 


Words From Our Fabulous Clients

"My friend and I both had the treatments today and were so impressed by how tailored our experiences were to our skin types. The facial was so relaxing and my skin looks instantly better and more hydrated. Galina did a skin assessment for both of us before and I feel so much better understanding my skin better and what it needs. Such good value for money. Will definitely be coming back."


"Honestly Galina was very welcoming friendly and talented. She knew what she was doing and the salon by it self was very clean. Everything was very professional and relaxing. I would recommend this salon to anyone who wants the best for their self😊. Once again thank you so much can’t wait to have more PRP sessions with Beauty Queen in future and obviously if I need other treatments."



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