Defines Jawline

What are Jawline Fillers?

Beauty Queen London administer only the most effective, safe, and reliable dermal fillers. The gels are natural and biodegradable, ensuring maximum absorption by the skin. Utilising hyaluronic acid, naturally produced by the body, these injectables infuse your skin with plumping and hydrating power.

Particularly potent in the lower facial area, dermal fillers will re-contour your jawline – and showtime who is in control.

Our duly trained Aesthetic Nurse Injectors have performed these treatments countless times; rest assured that your experience will be as comfortable as it is effective. And, with minimal downtime, you can continue with your busy schedule. With a spring in your step.

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What happens during the treatment?


The skin will be thoroughly cleaned and numbing cream will be applied if necessary. Our Injector will then gently inject the dermal filler into the target areas.

You will see an instant, visible result with this treatment. The area may be slightly bruised and tender however this will go down after 24-48 hours. Results will continue to progress over a two week period.

What are Jawline Dermal Fillers for?

Not only can Dermal Fillers in the jawline be effective in lifting sagging jowls, but they can also work wonders for contouring. Not all of us are blessed with a chiselled jawline, however, if this is something you would like to achieve then Dermal Fillers can help. Administered along the jawline and in the chin, they can help to contour and elongate the face.

For those wishing to avoid the cost and lengthy downtime associated with surgery, dermal fillers deliver an effective solution. Our advanced techniques contour and lift the jawline, ensuring you look – and more importantly – feel renewed, revived and reinvigorated.


Words From Our Fabulous Clients

"My friend and I both had the treatments today and were so impressed by how tailored our experiences were to our skin types. The facial was so relaxing and my skin looks instantly better and more hydrated. Galina did a skin assessment for both of us before and I feel so much better understanding my skin better and what it needs. Such good value for money. Will definitely be coming back."


"Honestly Galina was very welcoming friendly and talented. She knew what she was doing and the salon by it self was very clean. Everything was very professional and relaxing. I would recommend this salon to anyone who wants the best for their self😊. Once again thank you so much can’t wait to have more PRP sessions with Beauty Queen in future and obviously if I need other treatments."



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Our highly trained team of practitioners can help identify your concerns and create a tailor-made treatment plan based on your skin goals.