Top skin tips during quarantine

As many of us have been spending a lot more time sitting at home due to the pandemic, we’ve found ourselves asking: How can we up our skin care routine game during quarantine?

Being in quarantine has given us the opportunity to perfect our skin care regimens and remain consistent with them, which is something we may not have given ourselves time to do before.

Now that we have some extra time to devote to our skin care routines, they’ve become ways for many of us to relax. Having an effective yet simple skin care routine is essential. The last thing you want is to overdo things and make matters worse for your skin!

What are some of the best skin care tips during self-isolation?

– Give your skin a break from makeup!

– The majority of us are staying at home, so we have plenty of time to follow a thorough skin routine: make sure you take every step, from cleanser to toner, from serum to SPF.

– drink plenty of water: the filler is highly hydrophilic (which means it