Baby Botox

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Service Description

When people think of Botox, they often visualise the frozen faces of celebrities from many years ago. Wrinkle reduction treatment has come a long way and a frozen appearance is not the desired result anymore. A different form of wrinkle reduction treatment has transpired known as Baby Botox. What is Baby Botox? Baby botox is when botox is injected strategically with minimal doses to reduce the appearance of wrinkles but still retaining facial movement. Baby botox gained its name as it was often the technique used for younger patients whose wrinkles were very mild and did not need the same amount of botox for someone who may have been older with deeper set wrinkles or lines. Baby botox may also be referred to as mini botox as it is also a great technique to use for anyone who is looking to subtly soften fine lines and wrinkles without appearing frozen or unable to make facial expressions. How is baby botox different from botox? Baby botox uses the same botulinum toxin solution as standard botox treatment. The difference is the technique in which it is used. The best way to describe it is that baby botox treatment is preventative and botox treatment is corrective. Baby botox is best performed on a patient who has not got many lines or wrinkles but is starting to feel concerned about the effect that ageing is having on their face. Being able to personalise a botox treatment takes a great deal of experience and knowledge and so those seeking baby botox treatment should find an experienced aesthetics doctor or nurse who knows how to tailor their botox treatments. Everyone’s face is different and larger muscles and deep wrinkles will still need a larger dose of botox to achieve the best results. During the Baby Botox treatment, the same product, same dilution, and same technique are used as would be in the regular Botox, but the amount of the medicine is just LESS. The end result is refined and very natural. Baby Botox is typically for: - Prevention Purposes - First Time Users - Younger Patients - Individuals who want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles while maintaining natural movements - Anyone a little nervous and who wishes to start slowly - Individuals who want to diminish lines, but do not want anyone to know they had anything done.

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