How to prevent maskne - acne caused by wearing a face mask?

On top of the anxiety and stress that we all feel during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the last things we want right now is for acne breakouts to start popping up out of nowhere.

Because we’ve been experiencing major changes in our normal routines, one of those changes being we are now required to wear a face mask in public, our skin is prone to react negatively.

“Maskne,” or acne caused by wearing facial masks, is another new term to add to our vocabularies while navigating life during the pandemic.

It’s a very real thing, unfortunately, and it’s been affecting many people, especially those working on the front lines who have to wear masks for prolonged periods.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t all susceptible to this type of acne, however.

Experts are stating that even people who typically haven’t struggled with acne before are experiencing problems now.

That can be so frustrating, especially when there are so many other stressors affecting us right now.

You might be asking yourself, so what causes “maskne”, and how can I avoid it?

There’s no need to worry because we’ve got everything that you need to tackle this “maskne” issue.

To better understand this phenomenon, we’re going to look into these questions:

  • What exactly is “maskne”?